Protection from a Guardianship Lawyer

The attorneys at the Mason Law Firm are here to help you make difficult decisions regarding minor children or incapacitated family members.  No matter what your case entails, count on our guardianship attorneys to deliver the assistance you need. Schedule an appointment with us today to make the right decisions when they matter most.

Do You Need a Guardianship Attorney?

Protect the rights of your loved ones by setting up a guardianship. How do you know when you need a guardianship? In life, situations may arise where family members are no longer able to physically take care of themselves or their financial affairs. A guardianship will help you care for an incapacitated family member or a minor child.

Filing Legal Guardianship PapersMan Notarizing a Guardianship Document in Jacksonville, FL

In many situations, a child may find him or herself in possession of a large sum of money. Minors are often unable to make the right financial decisions for themselves and may need assistance protecting their assets. With a guardianship, the child’s assets will be protected until he or she reaches a certain age.

Our guardianship attorneys are able to assist you with cases involving guardianship of a minor and involving your ability to care for incapacitated family members. We work hard to ensure that your guardianship concerns are resolved as quickly as possible.